Good evening readers. I thought I’d start off 2016 talking about a recent purchase I made after I funded a project on Kick Starter back at the end of 2015. If you’ve never visited the tech section on Kick Starter you then you’re in for a bit of a treat, yes there are the ‘never going to make it’ projects but then there are some really good ones on there too and the inCharge Bolt cable was one of those.

This little cable is just 1.5 inches in length when closed over and is perfect for attaching to your keyring, personally I put mine on my lanyard for work so I’ve always got it with me around the office. The cable comes in both MicroUSB and Lightning varients, the one pictured here is the USB version. There is a good range of colours as well as a thick and thin connector version – my one is the standard thick version.

At one of the cable is a standard USB connector except it’s the open variety, if you’re unsure what that means then compared to a normal enclosed cable end this is just the connector part with no outer metal casing on it. The connectors on the cable are magnetic so it shuts together and stays together which is what makes it great for going onto keyrings.


inCharge Bolt is just perfect for your keyring

This version of the cable, (Bolt) is a charge only cable so therefore it doesn’t allow for transmission of data. Omitting data transfer is what allows this cable to charge your device at double the standard USB rate! If you want a data version of the cable then there is one available however it doesn’t have the high speed charging.

I often find myself turning up for work in the morning with my mobile completely dead, plugging this cable into the USB socket on my laptop I can be fully charged again in under an hour – that’s pretty impressive stuff.

Cost wise, well this was bought via Kick Starter so it was a little discounted however the inCharge website now has them listed for about £8.00 which is great value. The only real downside, if you can call it that, is that because the cable is so short you can’t really move your attached device around that much but this is a minor thing really.


inCharge Bolt is just 1.5 inches when closed


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