So I thought I’d let you into a little secret I found out recently whilst browsing some of the product listings on Amazon. Whilst looking for a mobile phone power brick I kept noticing that the reviews for items had a similar looking tag line on them, something along the lines of the following:

I was offered this item in return for my honest opinion

It wasn’t just one or two items I saw this on but in fact a lot of them so this got my inquisitive juices flowing as to how you got offered these products for review purposes. Where these special people, bloggers, professional reviewers etc.?

A few minutes googling and I was able to find the answer. It turns out that there are marketing companies that exist for the sole purpose of connecting product sellers with people who want to review products. These companies sell marketing packs that the product seller buys and in return the marketing company contacts its database of reviewers offering them a discount code to apply when checking out of Amazon.

If this all sounds too good to be true, well trust me, I was a little dubious at first but I have now received 3 items that would have cost me £40.00 however due to the discount code I’ve actually only paid £0.10, YES 10p. OK, having Amazon Prime helps here because I get to cut out the delivery cost but even so it still would be a good saving over the original retail price.

So what’s the catch? Well I guess one thing is being accepted as a potential reviewer so it helps that you have a history of reviewing products on Amazon as you’ll need to provide a link to your public profile which lists the reviews you have previously done so if you’ve bought goods from Amazon and not reviewed them then now might a good time to get some done.

Secondly, for obvious reasons, there are only a limited number of promotional codes offered out to the reviewers. You receive them via email so when you receive one you have to act on it fast before they’re all used up. I’ve had about ten promotions so far and only managed to get in on three products, sometimes the codes get relisted if they don’t get used but that is very rare.

Lastly it’s a case of you get what you’re given, if you don’t like the look of an item then you simply don’t apply for a code but that’s the only choice you’ve got here so if you’ve got your eyes on that special item on Amazon it’s probably better to buy it yourself.

Once you’ve got your item ordered your only commitment now is to review it in a timely manner. You’ll be monitored on this and if you end up not reviewing items received then the emails will stop until you complete your reviews.

So, you’re still here and I’ve still not told you where to go..sorry, it’s not deliberate.

The one I use is I Love to Review (UK reviewers link and US reviewers link).  This is just the one I joined, there are however quite a few listed on google, just search for amazon review club or something along those lines and you’ll see what is available.


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