Black Friday for 2016 isn’t until 25th November, wait, what? you didn’t know it was that soon?

We often see news reports of people fighting over those 40″ Craponic TV’s desperate to get their homes kitted out with the latest tech regardless of how poor the quality is. Then when they get home they realise they’re literally sat on top of the damn thing and the picture looks crappier than what it is already!


Ready for Black Friday 2016?

Ok, I’m sure there are some genuine deals out there for genuinely good products but in reality they had long gone the minute the first 5 people at the front of the queue got through the front door of the store. Meh, this isn’t for me 🙂

The thing is, most of these stores have on-line sales too and most of them start way before the physical stores open their doors. Some of the less prepared have their websites crash almost immediately and some have a queuing system in place, pretty much like a bricks and mortar store.

One of these retailers, Amazon, has already started their sale. WTF? but that’s two weeks before Black Friday? Correctamundo my friend, they do this every year – slowly building you up to the big day with some great offers.

I happily admit I prefer to look for the deals on-line, you don’t get the frenzy or the rage and you also, in most instances, get the opportunity to back out of the deal when your brain kicks into gear.

So with Christmas less than two months away now, and not just Black Friday, is a great time to start checking out the deals with Amazon and getting first dibs on those perfect gifts and if you’re still after that bargain of a TV then how about this 43″ UHD 4K LG unit at a bargain price of £399? Perfect for watching those Christmas movies with the whole family 🙂


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