It’s been a long time since I’ve walked into a TGI Fridays, and I mean a long time. It’s not like there was anything bad about it it’s just, well, there are other places to eat that do the same sort of thing and whilst I might revisit a good restaurant time after time, somewhere that sells burgers etc. (aka a chain) have got to be pretty damn special to get me paying to come back.

Anyway, ’twas the season to be merry and all that and having trudged around Liverpool One to get those last minute gifts that we “just couldn’t” have bought earlier, me and my other half decided to break for some lunch. Now Liverpool One like many of these shopping centres has an abundance of restaurants on-site, mostly chains with a smattering of independents thrown in for good measure.

Today was the day we returned to TGI Fridays, after what must be nearly 10 years and it wasn’t the first choice either! The restaurant is split across two floors and downstairs was packed. It made sense as it was a little narrow due to the bar area so our waitress showed us to a table upstairs, right at the front with a great view out over Chavasse Park and the Albert Dock area. We were lucky, upstairs was busy too – clearly a popular spot to eat amongst the competition, this is always a good sign!

Service was good with our order being taken promptly and after a short wait our drinks were delivered with our food following shortly afterwards. I’d opted for an Oreo Cookie milkshake and damn this was good, thick but not so thick that you can’t drink the thing but not weak as to make it like it’s a glass of milk – a great start.

We’d both opted for the Jack Daniel’s Chili Dog, it looked fairly reasonable in the menu however when it arrived it was like it was sat on top of a barge. Yes, the picture was deceptive but for once in a good way! A huge metal container filled with tasty fries and chili topped off with the dog that filled the whole tray – it looked awesome!

So what was it like I hear you asking? Well being a chili dog with JD in it the chili tasted a little on the sweet side but the whole thing was just yummy. There was no way I was eating this thing whole so it got cut in half, mainly so I didn’t end up with most of it all over me. The fries were nice and crispy, not overdone, and for about £10.00 I’d say it’s price point is on par with other burgers/dogs at other establishments.

The shake was delicious but could have done with being slightly more for your money however overall we were genuinely surprised with the whole experience.

Service was superb throughout and the staff were really nice and friendly. So there’s got to be one catch right? Isn’t there always? Well in this case there is and there isn’t – what you’ve read above makes it sound like the perfect eating experience, and in some ways it was and my problem (if you can call it that) is not with the food but the with TGI Fridays itself.

Where the hell are the restaurants? If you look on the website at the restaurant locator you can see where they are but they seem bunched together with groups of them in the oddest of places – THIS is why I haven’t been for 10 years, the last one I visited was in Cheshire Oaks – you’ve now got one in Liverpool One but gee guys, Liverpool (& Merseyside) is a big area how about sharing the love a little?


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