I’ve been in I.T. for a long time, many many years infact, oh wow that makes me sound really old 🙁 anyway I digress. During this time I’ve used many a cleaning product in an effort to restore my monitor, tablet, phone etc. back to a glorious shine. You’re probably familiar with the stuff, those little sachets with “wet wipes” inside or if you’re really going for it then the big old tubs with the rolls of wipes that you never get to use before they all dry up.

These all work find to a certain extent, yes they kind of clean your screen but ultimately they leave the odd smear here and there and inevitably you end up using another wipe just to try and correct the mess.

Added to this, have you ever tried cleaning your TV screen? What the heck do you use there, more a case of what not to use according to the manufacturers. The list of products that are a definite no no seems almost endless.

Step up Screen Mom, yes I know what you’re thinking. Is this some kind of fancy gadget or what? Well no actually, it’s a bottle of spray cleaning liquid, yes you heard that right, cleaning liquid. Is this some kind of joke I hear you ask?

Screen Mom - the best screen cleaner available?

Screen Mom is made from natural ingredients (99.3% according to their blurb) and is alcohol free so you get an amazing streak free shine. It comes in a rather large bottle, enough for over 1500 sprays apparently and comes complete with microfiber cloth.

I tested it out on two of my biggest dust and fingerprint magnets, my Dell 24″ monitor and my Samsung TV. The Dell monitor first as I didn’t want to screw up an expensive TV 🙂 j/k

Three sprays onto the microfiber cloth and a good wipe around the display making sure I got into the corners, turn the cloth over and gently wipe down the surface. 30 seconds and I kid you not the screen looked like new. No streaks, no having to go over it again, nothing, just a great clear display.

Pleased with my success on my Dell monitor I tried it out on the Samsung TV and got equally impressive results, this stuff is simply amazing.

My primary reason for buying Screen Mom was for my monitor and televisions however this stuff can be used in a surprising number of cases including Smart Phones, Eye Glasses, Touch Screens, Mirrors, Windows and Cameras. So unlike other cleaning products that are quite limited to monitors this stuff is quite the jack of all trades.

As for price, well it’s about £15 and as I say you get just over 1500 sprays for that. If like me you use 3 sprays per item you’re cleaning then that equivalent to 500 regular wipes. FYI at the time of writing this, it was just over £5 for 100 wipes in a tub to as you can see you are making a nice little saving plus you end up with a nice microfiber cloth when the spray has run out 🙂

So if you’re in the market for some screen cleaner, do yourself a favour and grab some Screen Mom


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