About Me

Welcome to Byte of Geek everybody, home of technology, gadgets and gaming with me your host, Simon.

I’m a self-confessed technology enthusiast, gadget nerd, coder and gamer. I also love my food and drink, but that’s probably not important right now!

I have been working in software development for over 30 years (and counting) and during that time I’ve come across some amazing technology.

This blog is written for fun and mainly in my spare time or when I’ve uploaded a new video onto my YouTube channel. If you’d like to work with me, connect or simply say ‘hi’ then please drop me a comment or connect with me via one of my social media ‘outlets’.

If you have a product that you’d like me to review either on my blog or my YouTube channel then please email me at enquiries@byteofgeek.com alternatively if you have some news about your product that you think I should know about then please email me at media@byteofgeek.com

If you have your own blog with topics related to mine then please drop me a line to exchange links.