So you’ve got yourself a cool gaming rig with a nice perspex window on your side panel, or maybe you’ve got one of those all glass cases that let you see your pride and glory to it’s absolute best. But wait, it looks as dull as a cloudy rainy day and it doesn’t show off that $1000 GPU or $75 fan you bought for cooling your CPU.

Well maybe it’s time to add some lighting inside the case, perhaps some LEDs. Now you can go down the two routes here, RGB lighting or standard LED lighting – both will add a touch of colour to your setup however one costs considerably more than the other. I plumped for the standard LED lighting and in this video on my Youtube Channel I take you through the simple process of getting it installed into your gaming rig.

For less than £10 you can give your PC a lovely warm glow or a red hot look and if you’re feeling adventurous then adding a couple of LED fans will set your theme off perfectly. So come and take a look at the video I’ve put up and see how easy it is to get this installed and whilst your there why not subscribe to my channel for more great tips?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and what kind of lighting you’ve got in your gaming rig.


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